Part One: Squid Game Theories

The trending show right now, Squid Game, is being binged as we speak. Although it was a good show, I feel as if there could be some changes to the ending. When watching shows, you’re constantly making predictions and wishing things have gone different ways. Sometimes you’re happy with the outcome, but sometimes you’re not. The squid game series really played with your emotions really twisting around in ways watcher’s could never guess. The ending however, ended with a lot of favorite characters dead, and a lot of storylines that ended rather abruptly. Ending in a crazy, unexpected plot twist, the old man (Oh Il-nam) turned out to be the cause of the games and died, people were surprised. Is there not more to it? Is there no crazy conspiracies behind the squid games? Is it really just an old man wanting to have fun? Whether this ending was supposed to leave the watchers wondering so they’ll be hooked for season two, or if it was just a mistake, there has to be more to it. People have crazy theories about Squid Game, here are some trending online:

  •  The Ddakji card colors determine participants’ roles in the game. 
  • Their numbers are symbolic. The old man being number 1 because he started the game and 456 because he might be the final winner
  • Cop kid isn’t actually dead (Jun-ho)
  • The old man is Gin Huns father (main character)
  • The stepfather is connected to the games
  • The front man tried to expose the games, but now he trapped in an endless cycle
  • The salesman is actually the old man’s son whos trying to continue the games
  • Gi Huns (main character) hair represents that he’ll go in as a guard next season
  • The VIPs are past winners of the game

Something that would’ve made the show more interesting is if the man behind the mask was not what he seemed. People here in our newspaper class think that it would be interesting if he was a girl. He had a mask on the whole time, and it would’ve been cool to introduce another woman in the show. Instead of killing Jun-ho, who had so much potential to be an amazing character in continued seasons, maybe he should’ve been captured alive. Maybe there even could’ve been a potential love story between the two. Do you think the ending could’ve been better or do you have any cool theories? Let us know!

Part Two: Girl Power

Though many of the characters are popular, it seems as though #67, (Kang Sae-byeok) is one of the watcher’s favorites. She’s strong, beautiful, and inspires people watching, and represents the females. Many watchers are wondering if her ending was the best choice. She didn’t even die due to defeat, she died due to a shard of glass in the script, unluckily piercing her in the upper hip. She hasn’t been the only woman to die on the show. We can see strong traits throughout all of the female characters like #212 (Han Mi-nyeo) and #240 (Ji-yeong). Han Mi-nyeo may have been crazy, but she went out with a fighting spirit and selflessness. She sacrificed herself for the greater good of everyone else, so they could live. Many people claim she was manipulating people, even though she was taken advantage of by a guy. As for Ji-yeong, she didn’t get as much screen time as people may have wanted. She died sacrificing herself, because she knew that #67 had a reason to live and get back to her brother. It is a death in the show many people will not forget; these amazing women really showed the importance of girl power. There is a running trend with all of these strong female characters: they all die. Even in the show, all the men wanted to be on a team, not even knowing what the next game was. They thought with their team being full of men, they would have a better chance at winning. When really, the women might’ve been the smartest ones there, and happened to survive the games that the men lost. Many people wonder why the three strong women in the show met such an ill fate, but we can only hope more awesome female characters are introduced in season two.


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