Student of the Month: September


Olivia Steele is the freshman student of the month. Olivia likes to hang out with friends and rollerskate when listening to music. ”Olivia is a joy to have in class. She’s a hard worker, has a great attitude, and is so helpful to everyone around her.” says Ms. Allen. Congratulations Olivia! Good job representing the class of 2025!

Michael Johansen is the 10th grade student of the month. He enjoys working out, spending time with family and pets, and practicing his instrument. “Michael is just a pure joy,” states Mr. Peirce. “He embodies everything positive in a person.” Congratulations Michael! Keep up the good work.

Our 11th grade student of the month is Savannah Smith. Smith likes to hang out with friends and family. “Savannah exudes positivity and joy,” quotes Ms. Kennedy. “She is truly kind, engaged, and responsible and adds to the class climate with her smile, strong work ethic, and spirit of giving.” Good job Savannah! We’re proud of you!

Giancarlo Puccio is the senior student of the month. Puccio enjoys swimming in his free time. “He is SUCH a hard worker and has come so far in our program.  Really, really proud of him.” says his teacher, Mrs. Anderson. Great job representing Gig Harbor High School. We appreciate you!