Varsity Girls Soccer Senior Night


     The Gig Harbor High School girls soccer team held their annual senior night on Tuesday, at a home game against River Ridge High School. They had a great result with an 8-0 win. The night started off with a ceremony for the seniors and they did a walk out onto the field with their parents and other chosen family members. One of the coaches called off their names in the stadium speaker with a special message that was written by the specific senior. (Alexa Thoms, Lily Paulson, Shelby Sordahl, Ashley Jones, Ashley Wright, Ella Hatteberg, Lolo Price, Megan Mackay, Josie Stanley, Dani Verrue, Hillary Parks). The juniors and lower-class teammates presented them with gift baskets and flowers. “The people here on the team make such a positive and welcoming environment. I’m really happy to be a part of it,” says Sarah Ehler (10). The game started 15 minutes after the ceremony and the lineup was different, dedicated to the seniors and for them to have fun in their very last high school league game. For example, Ashley Jones (12) was playing goalkeeper while she normally plays as a left-back. Alexa Thoms (12) was playing defense for Ashley while she generally plays as a forward, at the top of the field. The whole team is very close to one another, which is to be expected from seeing each other every day for the past three months, and they were all very proud and supportive of their senior girls. “It is so fun to be a part of an amazing team and be surrounded by amazing girls,” quotes senior Shelby Stordahl (12). “We are all so lucky to have a coaching staff that is very supportive and creates a very fun environment for us. Come support the Lady Tides on their road to state!” The Tides have their first playoff game this Saturday and let’s hope some good luck carries over from this 8-0 win!