2021 Clothing Trends


The year of 2021 had a wide variety of different clothing trends and styles that are both totally new, and some older trends that are now coming back as more “modern” and “updated.” To begin, the trending shoes at the moment are any kind of Nike shoes or sneakers, which started about three years ago as plain white Nike Air Force Ones, and have recently progressed to a wider variety of styles and colors. They will normally be paired with leggings or some sort of jeans for the girls, and for the guys, a pair of black or blue jeans to really highlight the color contrast between the two. Another brand of shoes that is really getting some attention recently are Converse. “Personally, I love the style of 2021,” says Carsyn Hall (10). Converse have been around for a very long time but spiked in the 1980s and ’90s. They then went out of style for a couple of decades and they are now back, stronger than ever. Those will also be paired with a stylish pair of jeans and a top. “Style is a great way to express yourself,” says fashion lover and follower, Jonah Eilers (9). “I think it’s fun to follow and match the current trending outfits. It never gets old.” On the male side of things, cargos, blazers, and some sort of hoodie with a flannel worn on top are the trending style for the average teenage boy. Their accessories will normally include a variety of bracelets and occasionally rings. An average girl’s outfit is any pair of ripped jeans of some sort, and a cropped hoodie, shirt, or sweater on top. Typically, girls will wear their hair down, with occasional french braids or dutch braids. Guys tend to wear their hair longer in the front and flip it back sometimes. They will have small gold hoop earrings and other matching jewelry to match and go with their outfit.