TikTok and it’s Cons to Society


Tiktok is a great social media app in so many ways… but it’s also a poison to society. With just over one billion active users on TikTok, it is a great way to relate to other kids or even adults in ways that you wouldn’t normally be able to. “There’s just something about being able to see random people on the internet that you don’t know, that’s somehow going through something similar to you,” says Sarah Ehler (10). All of that may be true, but all social media, not just TikTok, does come with the price of having no privacy on those applications. Trying to become famous on social apps is never an easy feat. People will very commonly post negative comments about the creator. It gives them more confidence knowing that they are hidden behind a screen, and they don’t know the creator personally so it is unlikely to come with any repercussions towards them. Biting off of that, it can also harm or lower self-esteem to not just those posting, but to all those that believe in or appreciate the targeted topic. People tend to think that everything on TikTok, or on the internet in general, is true. By people saying all these negative things, it hurts a whole community that they aren’t even considering. Another reason TikTok is dangerous is because of how addicting it can be. “It can be very addicting,” says Hailey Gray (10). “You will log on thinking you will only spend a couple of minutes scrolling, but look at the time later and see that it has been almost two hours!” Teens will waste their life away, staring at their phone screens for hours. It sounds fun, but in the long run, you will look back on your teen years, which are supposedly supposed to be your best years, and realize that you wasted all of it on TikTok.