New Social Distancing Lunch Plan


This week the social distancing lunch setup will be a little different. Instead of just simply sitting six feet apart and having us sit in three different locations like we have been for the past semester, (Commons, gym, auditorium) the staff is now having us scan a QR code wherever we eat lunch to mark where we are sitting every day. This strategy does not seem very efficient. What’s the point of scanning a code for where you’re supposedly sitting that day? Generally, where a group of friends decide to sit at the start of the semester, is where they want to sit for the rest of the year. Cassidy Kauppila (9) was saying “This new seating arrangement is definitely interesting. Personally, I am not a fan of the new arrangement, as it is inconvenient to scan a QR code every day before lunch.” Teenagers don’t typically like being told what to do and have such restraints put on them. Normally, when you try to change a schedule that they’re all already comfortable with, they won’t go along with it easily. I think it is unlikely that this new plan will change anything they want to be changed, and the staff won’t be getting the results they want. It may be for our safety, but I think they are going about it the wrong way. Addy Seher (11), was explaining how she thought it would be smarter if the staff “took a picture at the beginning of the year when everyone first picks their seats. By closely monitoring that everyone is six feet apart, you can make sure that they are in fact social distancing. If by any chance someone was to get covid, they could go back to the picture of kids seating.” She continues by saying, “It is less likely for the kids to change their seats if we just continue what we’ve been doing. I think there will be more rebellious behavior when they are forced to do something.”