“H2BROS”, “Let’s Go Brenden” Highlight ASB Election Speeches


ASB elections are coming up these next couple weeks, and campaigning is getting really exciting. Students have used many tactics like handing out candy, putting up posters, and even dressing up for the occasion. Cassius Via (10) dressed up in a suit and drove support for his junior senator campaign. “I really like to talk to the school and get their opinions so I can help them out and be a voice. It was a great day,” Via commented.

The executive elections were on Wednesday, May 25th. This was for the positions of President, Treasurer, Activities Coordinator, and Secretary. In the past, the loser of the presidential election would get the Vice President position. This year, it’s a separate position. There are two incoming seniors who heavily campaigned for the presidential role next year: Brendan Masini (11) and Anna Caplinger (11). Both gave speeches to get support and encourage more votes. Here are the people who ran for the other positions (winners in bold):

Vice President: Hailey Fox (11), Kate Harper (11)

Treasurer: Faith Amidon (11), Andrew Reyder (10)

Activities Coordinator: Zoey Macintosh (11)

Secretary: Jordan Flaherty (11)

Most people gave typical speeches about why they should win and what would make then a great leader. A few people however, brought something a little bit different to the table. Andrew Reyder, known to all as the “Survey Guy” based his speech on how he can get the opinions of the student body, and he delivered a large scale survey in the gym. Faith Amidon brought out a parody of the H2WHOA dance team, called the H2BROS. That legendary performance helped Faith to a victory in the Treasurer position. 

For the presidential elections, the student body was pretty split. Lucas Hearlson (10), said “I voted for Brendan because I liked his speech and he let me hold up a Let’s Go Brendan flag.” Gavin Teodoro (10), had a different take, saying “I’m voting Anna Caplinger because her posters are elite.” Brendan won by the slightest of margins, thanks to a charismatic speech and a laid-back campaigning style. Congrats to all the winners this year.

On June 1st, The senator elections will commence. Make sure to vote for your favorite candidates in your grade!