A Look Inside Our Girls Basketball Team

A Look Inside Our Girls Basketball Team

The girls basketball team at Gig Harbor High School is taking the season on with power and strength. Immediately asserting themselves, they won their game with Yelm High School 58-40 and absolutely dominated River Ridge High School with 72-38. The Junior Varsity average number of points scored per game is 67, and the Varsity average is 61. Hallie Hunter (9) said, “Our team is doing great. I’m so proud of everyone.”

During every game, the girls must focus in and play hard in order to achieve victory. “I have really enjoyed the games I have played because each one is different and there is something new to say about each one. My mindset within each game is to stay calm even if there is a bad call or a lot of pressure, because we can’t change what happened with a bad attitude,” explained Savannah Nelson (9).  Maddie Harding (9) expressed, “I’m a swing player, so I typically play three quarters of JV and then change for the varsity game. At that point I have two quarters left to play for varsity. My favorite moments are in a tough game when things start going right and people start working together for some good plays.”

“I’m getting better with shooting,” stated Grace Mckee (11). She claimed that her goal this season was, “to beat Peninsula, our rivals.” The team has been working hard at getting better and better, practicing after school and even over some breaks. Games are typically on Wednesday and Friday, but there are some Saturday games as well. Nelson added, “The schedule has been really good, and I like how many games we have.”

The girls on the team generally love working together. “I play basketball because my friends play basketball,” said Harding, “As a basketball player, my teammates motivate me to be the best I can and play hard. It’s so cool to be able to work within such a strong team.” Mckee expressed her favorite part of the sport was, “The girls. It’s really fun to bond with them and get to know them. And you get to know them very well because you hang out with them a lot. I know that all the people are different, so it’s great to get to know more about them.”

Continuing to play hard and score high, the Gig Harbor High School Girls Basketball teams have played well and had lots of fun this season. “I really like playing basketball. It is very fun, and of course a win is always good. I play basketball because it’s fun!” said Nelson. And that’s exactly what this season turned out to be. A fun, character building, successful experience for the whole team.