Heard in the Halls – Edition #2: Microwaves

Heard in the Halls - Edition #2: Microwaves

When you walk down the halls, do you ever hear completely random, hilarious things out of context? In case you didn’t hear any of those funny things through your AirPods, here’s something for you to laugh at:

“So then they told me to add yeast to the popcorn.”

To each their own, I suppose! I’ve never tried to add yeast to popcorn, so I wouldn’t know what it tastes like. Fun fact: Yeast is actually a fungus. They are single celled microbes with over 1,000 known species. When you add yeast to dough it eats the sugars in the flour and produces carbon dioxide gas and ethanol. This process is known as fermentation, and it’s the reason that dough rises. I’m not sure how it would affect popcorn, but I assume that whoever said that could tell you!

“Put your phone in the microwave.”

Okay, here’s why you should not put your phone in the microwave! Not only would it destroy it, but, if left in long enough, it would rupture the battery. It will be dead within seconds and on fire at around half a minute. (Thanks to Google for that information because I wasn’t willing to try it and find out why it’s not a good idea). It’s possible that the reason a person would put their mobile device in the microwave is because of the myth that it will block calls. The truth is, microwave walls are designed to block – you guessed it! – microwaves, and will not block calls to let you sleep. The better option is to put your phone on silent or sleep with it outside your room (although why you would have a microwave in your room in the first place is beyond me. Personally, I would forget it was in there and by the time I remembered it would be too late).

“I’m not Michael Jordan.”

Really? I’m sorry, I was nearly positive you were. Anyways, here’s 3 fun facts about Michael Jordan for whoever isn’t Michael Jordan to make you wish that you were. Michael Jordan ended his career with a total of 6,672 rebounds and 5,633 assists. He has won a total of 6 NBA championships for the Chicago Bulls, as well as being the first player in the history of the NBA to become a billionaire. Isn’t that cool? Kudos to Michael Jordan for being cool, and kudos to whoever isn’t Michael Jordan for probably being cool in their own way.

Have a wonderful, fun filled week and try not to stress out too much! And please please please do not put your phone in the microwave. Especially the one at school, because I use that one and the line is long enough with two of them. Can you imagine the struggle if you blew up the other one!?