Student Spotlight – Josh Pelczar

Student Spotlight - Josh Pelczar

Josh Pelczar (12) is a senior at Gig Harbor High School, most commonly known as JP around the campus. JP is a national treasure at Gig Harbor. He is a brilliant and acrobatic man with a bright future in the military, truck driving industry, and the oil rigging industry. He has dedicated most of his high school career in preparing himself for his future rugged life. Josh stated, “I plan to become a U.S. Army Airborne Infantry Officer, then an NYPD Policeman, then a BNSF Freight Railroader, and finally a Truck Driver. I’m super excited to work these jobs someday because they all contribute to building the strength of America while serving her people. Each one of these professions combines selflessness and ruggedness, two attributes that I hope will define me someday.” Josh has dedicated his entire life preparing to serve the greatest country in the entire world. His relentless passion and training finally got recognized by Oregon State University, earning a $200,000 scholarship to participate in OSU’s ROTC program. JP stated, “I earned the Army ROTC scholarship primarily because of my time and leadership in NJROTC, but also because of strong grades and act/sat scores, as well as a thoughtful essay.”  He also said he, “was proud to have earned this scholarship because I have always wanted to become a Soldier in the Army, and it pays for full tuition at Oregon State University.” JP is not only a rugged man, but also an entrepreneur, owning his own lawn mowing company, making almost 100 dollars a day. JP said, “I made about 10,000 dollars last summer,” further proving he is a utility swiss army man. Ultimately JP is a well known and liked man, with passion about America like no other. Willing to risk his life to only make ours better. Being the man you call upon we need something, always being reliable. All in all, JP is the most rugged person you will ever meet.