Student Spotlight – Sophia Fenn

Student Spotlight - Sophia Fenn

Sophia Fenn is a freshman at GHHS. She moved to Gig Harbor early first semester, transitioning into a new school environment and made lots of new friends.

Academically, Sophia excels, maintaining a very impressive GPA of 3.9. Some of her favorite teachers at GHHS are Mr. Millie and Mrs Klein. One of her most challenging classes this year is AP Geography with Mr. Maes. Her academic goals are to, “Keep my consistent GPA, to [make] fun memories, and honestly just make it through high school.” With nearly perfect attendance this year, Sophia says the main thing motivating her is summer.

Beyond the classroom, Sophia is a ballet dancer. Sophia started dancing when she was two years old, and has tried many different dance forms, including lyrical, tap, pointe, hip-hop, jazz, and musical theater. Some of her other hobbies are arts and crafts, reading, traveling, running, hiking, and spending time on the beach.

After high school, Sophia has plenty of different plans and dreams for what she will do as a career. “I want to be a private chef as well as a professional dancer. When I retire I want to be a tour guide for some really cool historic site, like the Vatican.” Immediately after graduation, Sophia plans to start her own business or volunteer. She is not really interested in going to college right now, but would like to start a bakery and call it Angel Bakes.

Some of the places Sophia has traveled are Europe, Hawaii, California, Louisiana, Texas, Idaho, Montana, Florida, and Canada. When asked about her favorite part about traveling, Sophia said, “My favorite part is the really early flights and all the cultures you get to see.” She also says, “I want to travel to Austria because my mom lived there for years and has a lot of experiences there, and can show me all the best places.”