New Music on the Rise

New Music on the Rise

Music is a universal language found throughout all of history and all of the world. Along with that, there is music in every genre and language you could think of. There are also so many artists, some popular, some not, and some from every space of life in all different ways. These artists also attract a specific audience. Today I will be sharing with you some new music for a few different genres so that maybe you can find your favorite type of music or could just learn more about some new music.

Pop: Fireworks & Rollerblades by Benson Boon

For our pop lovers, we have quite a few new songs for you. You would probably most recognize him from his song “Beautiful Things,” which went viral a month ago. Benson Boon is a fun and exciting artist; his music can range from sad and low beats to hype upbeats. My personal favorite song in the album would have to be “Hello, Love.” It’s the perfect amount of slow and upbeat, and the lyrics are very good.

Christian: More Than This by CeCe Winans 

For our Christian people, I had a hard time picking a good album, but this one gave off a sort of church vibe that was very calming and nice. I haven’t heard much of CeCe Winans, but her voice is so aerie and beautiful. I haven’t listened to it much, but one of the good songs would have to be “Come Jesus Come.” It’s very comforting, gives that organic church feeling, and is a pretty popular song. Her voice is so pretty, and the way she sings doesn’t disappoint and is worth listening to.

Alternative: Unheard by Hozier 

This is a shorter album, but it is still very good. One well-known song is “Too Sweet,” which also went viral not too long ago. This was a pretty anticipated album, and for only having four songs, it immediately hit the top charts. Even though it is the obvious option, “Too Sweet” is definitely my favorite song in the album. It’s not only catchy, but it also has good lyrics and a good beat.

Country: REBEL by Anne Wilson 

This is a Christian artist, but this country album is so amazing, and that’s coming from a mediocre country fan. Her music is so catchy, and she mixed country and Christian in the best way possible. Her song “Rain in the Rearview” is so great and encouraging and is a definite summer bop. Its hard to think of a favorite song in this album when they are all so good, but that one would have to be my favorite. It’s about how you need to go looking for the good if you want to get out of the bad, and it’s honestly super motivational.