A Look Into Our Softball Team

A Look Into Our Softball Team

The 2024 Tides softball team has had great success this season, with lots of big league wins against their competitors. The team has their final league game tomorrow night at Peninsula High School at 3:30. The team has had lots of success, specifically this week with an 18-4 win over North Thurston on Monday and a 10-2 win over Central Kitsap on Tuesday. The team is well prepared and ready to compete on Thursday against Peninsula.

This team has collected a total of 32 hits between the two games this week, with 17 on Monday and 15 on Tuesday night. This team puts in so much work on offense when they are up to bat and defense, whether that be fielding routine ground balls in the infield or making diving catches in the outfield.

However, it is not just their teamwork on the field that sets this team apart; it is their ongoing support for one another, both on and off the field. Whether rallying together after a tough loss or lifting each other up in moments of doubt, the bonds within this team extend far beyond the game itself.

Gracie Carey (11) states, “I love playing second base because of all of the action that the position gets, and I enjoy the friendships that are made from this team as well as being successful and winning lots of games.”

One of the most exciting moments of the season came during a thrilling game against Peninsula. With emotions running high and the game going back and forth, the Tides Softball Team delivered an excellent performance, showcasing their hard work and determination throughout this season. In the end, they ended up winning, creating celebration among all of the players. Which will make for a great matchup Thursday night.

“This season has just been so much fun and super enjoyable, building lots of friendships along the way. We have gotten so much better as a whole throughout this season, and I feel that it really takes a special group of people to accomplish that, and this is one,” said Hallie Hunter (9). She also mentions that she is excited for this team and is excited for the next couple of seasons with this great group of people.

As the end of this season approaches, the team will look to make a run to state and have some great competition along the way. Last year, the team had a very successful time, and hope to get further this year! The team has their last regular season game on Monday, May 13th, against North Kitsap, which is also senior night, honoring their six seniors, Emma Vandervort, Makenna Scheller, Maddy DeClements, Paige Harthorn, Taylor Bafus, and Brenna Meagher. Continuing to play hard, the Gig Harbor High School softball team has played very well and had lots of fun this season.