Favorite Places in Gig Harbor

Favorite Places in Gig Harbor

Here in Gig Harbor, there are many enjoyable and beautiful areas you can visit. Whether it is downtown or a trip to Fox Island, there are many great places to explore.

I asked Mary Kiah Sawyer (11) about her favorite spots in Gig Harbor, and she said, “I like Sunrise Beach and Susanne’s Bakery.“ Sunrise Beach is an accessible beach that is part of Pen Met Parks here in Gig Harbor. There is a parking area, picnic benches, and a trail down to the beach. From the beach, you can see Vashon Island and Mt. Rainier. If you have a tracking app for whales, there is a chance you might see them at Sunrise Beach. On the trail down to the beach, there are many blackberry bushes, so if you visit during the summer, you can pick a lot of blackberries. There was a little covered area on the beach, but the water eventually got washed away by the ocean. It’s a very good place to watch the fireworks on the Fourth of July. From the beach, you can see the fireworks on Vashon Island. One tip to keep in mind is the tides; a high tide does not give a lot of beach space.

Susanne’s Bakery & Deli is located in downtown Gig Harbor. Here you can purchase delicious cakes, pastries, breads, sandwiches, salads, coffee, and other treats. It’s a very cute shop with indoor and outdoor seating. There is outdoor seating on the side of the bakery, which is covered, and more outdoor seating, which is exposed near the parking area, where a grape bush grows and gives shade in the summer. Outside of Susanne’s Bakery & Deli, there is a beautiful view of the waterfront. There are so many beautiful boats in the harbor that you can view from here.

I also asked Sophia Fenn (9) about her favorite spots in Gig Harbor. She said, “My favorite place to go is Bella Bella Beach in the summer.” Bella Bella Beach is a beautiful location on Fox Island, a part of Pen Met Parks too.The walk is shorter than Sunrise Beach, depending on where you want to set up your stuff. You can hang out on the beach and swim, paddleboard, kayak, and watch the sunset here. When the tide is out, you can see a lot of marine creatures or animals, such as crabs and sea stars. From the beach, don’t be surprised if you look out at the water and spot a seal. There’s a dock out in the water at Bella Bella that many like to swim out to. You can swim out to it and see lots of tub worms and crabs on the pilings. There are also lots of jellyfish in the water, so be careful when you’re swimming.

Gig Harbor is a very beautiful place to live or visit. There are a lot of exciting things you can do here in Gig Harbor, Washington, or on Fox Island.