Down to Dress

Down to Dress

The 2024 school year is coming to an end with just a couple weeks left for the seniors before they leave and graduate, never looking back. As the May and June months continue, senior events are happening, including what everyone is waiting for: prom. Of course, this is the most anticipated event, besides graduation and the most important dress choice. Many students have already picked their perfect dress and are now waiting for the time to wear it to sparkle in the night.

As prom season approaches, these students embark on a journey filled with anticipation and excitement about finding their prom dress. This process usually begins with looking on social media to get an idea of what styles and colors one might want to wear. Julia Clake has had her fair share of doing her research on different websites to see what she likes and doesn’t like. “I was super excited because I thought I found it, but it turns out I couldn’t get it altered in time, so instead I found another dress, and I love it,” said Clarke. The final choice is made, the dress is ready, and there’s this sense of accomplishment and excitement. As much as it might be hard to find the right dress, the process is a cherished moment in high school, and soon the right dress will be discovered.

Dresses come in all different sizes and materials, giving various different styles to choose from. The styles include dresses such as a-line, sweetheart, mermaid, long, or even short; the options are endless. Lola Hawkins picked a specific style of dress and color, for that matter. “I picked my style of prom dress because my favorite color is purple, so I knew I wanted a purple dress. Additionally, it was always my dream to feel like a princess at prom, which is why I went for a ball gown-style dress,” said Hawkins. The style pick is personal to the student in that they picked it to allow their dreams to come true. Picking the right dress that they love can make them feel confident and comfortable and create the most memorable memories.

Considering the many different parts of a dress, some might agree that the color is the most important part and will make or break the choice of buying that dress. This year, students are embracing a wide range of vibrant colors, from pink to blue to even orange. Keria Orr chose to go with a traditional red color, matching nicely with some dress shoes and jewelry. “Mya told me that I look good in red and I should get a red dress, so I got a red dress,” said Orr. In the end, the color of the prom dress has become a means for students to express their individuality on their special night. From vibrant and bold colors to classy, the options are endless. Students will embrace their unique style and have their time to shine once prom is here.

As the day gets closer and closer, these students will soon get to wear and show off their beautiful prom dresses. From the glimmer of sequins to the flow of satin, each gown is a chapter in these students’ lives during high school that will forever be remembered. So we dressed with confidence and danced the night away.