The Great Girls Golf goes to Leagues

The Great Girls Golf goes to Leagues

The girl’s golf team is the league champion for the second year in a row!! Having been undefeated throughout the season, they managed to shoot some of their best scores for an easy and dominating score of 422, which was a 48-stroke advantage against their main competitor, Capital.

As a result of their astounding finishes, all six girls are advancing to Districts, which is happening next week at Auburn Golf Course. Four out of the six girls shot under 90, which is incredibly difficult to do. Carly Ikei (11) shot a 74 (making her second overall), Sofia Skogen (10) shot an 81 (making her fourth overall), Hailey Gray (12) shot an 82 (making her sixth overall), and Laila Douglas (10) shot an 87 (making her eighth overall).

Gray is especially proud of her 82, as it is one of her best scores. I have been having kind of an up-and-down season, so shooting one of my best scores ever at my last league game was extremely important and sentimental to me. Going in and not even expecting to shoot below an 89 made that score so huge to me. While I struggled a bit on the back nine, I managed to get it together and shoot a really good score. I cannot wait for districts and hope to even shoot lower.” Skogen was also not completely satisfied with the score. “In all honesty, as impressive as the score was, I felt as if it should´ve been a lower score, but I won´t complain! It was quite the battle, both physically and mentally, but I knew I had to keep going and fight for my team! I had a bit of a rockier start but was able to pick it back up and get more comfortable towards the end, where it truly mattered. All in all, I´m not too upset with my scoring, but I most definitely look forward to districts and states where I hope to shoot even better!

Autumn Coovert (10) also shot one of her best scores as well. She ended with a 98 (making her sixteenth overall), which is extremely impressive for her since her goal for the season was to break 50. “I started out kind of rough on the front, but I just tried to not think about my score too much and just go one hole at a time. I got my best nine-hole score ever to break a hundred for eighteen on the back, which was pretty exciting,” said Coovert. Ella Gardner (12) also competed with the team, shooting an 112, which put her in twenty-sixth place overall for the event.

As a result of their good scores in the leagues, they also helped improve their league rankings. Ikei, Skogen, and Douglas were all placed on the first team. Ikei finished first, Skogen fourth, and Douglas sixth. Gray managed to place in the second team, finishing eighth. This is extremely impressive considering that out of sixty girls, four managed to finish in the top ten, which is challenging for a team to achieve. Coovert managed to finish twenty-fourth, and Gardner finished thirty-second. Other Gig Harbor girls who placed in the league but did not compete in leagues were Isabella Rose (10), Skyler Anderson (11), Violet Novak (11), and Olivia Hansen (9).

Ikei, Skogen, Gray, Douglas, and Gardner will be competing as a team together next week at Auburn. Coovert will be joining the team as well but will be competing in the individual category. All six of them have a good chance of moving on to not only the second day of districts but also have an increasingly good shot of making it to the state as a team and individually as well. Make sure to wish them all good luck!