Growing Up – The Evolution of Friendship

Growing Up - The Evolution of Friendship

Most kids start school in kindergarten, allowing them to be exposed to how academic life works, but with the basics of learning their primary colors and numbers. This is also a time where these children meet new people who can either be another one of their classmates or become their best friend throughout the years to come. From playing outside with chalk and swinging on the squeaky swing set to walking across the stage and graduating together, these friendships made in those primary school years can become the strongest friendships in a person’s life.

Picture this: the first day of school has started, and you’re met with a whole new school with new people and teachers all around. You walk into your very first classroom and sit down, alone, at a nearby table. You nervously fiddle with your hands as more people walk in and take their seats, leaving you wondering who is going to sit next to you. As the thoughts race, someone pulls out the chair next to you and sits down. You look up, they look up, and an immediate spark is ignited between the two of you; your future best friend has just sat next to you. “I met my best friend in middle school, and ever since I met her, we have been best friends,” said Natalie Flick (12). Flick and others have been able to have the spark of friendship happen in just the first couple minutes of meeting someone, creating a truly inspiring story of how two people can make the best memories together. Just by making that one choice of sitting next to someone you don’t know, you can ripple into the longest friendship in someone’s life.

Some friendships are made outside of the school environment and in activities such as soccer, band, baseball, or, in this case, an equestrian team. “I met three of my best friends through my high school equestrian team, WAHSET. I joined the team two years ago and did not have a close group of friends at the time. I was lost and wanted to gain a connection with my horse, but I didn’t know I would also gain friendships that would last a lifetime. Then came Bridget, or what I call Birdy! She was the first one to introduce herself to her little spicy horse, Levi. She has been by my side ever since, cheering me on at all my redos and barrel races, going dress shopping with me, and so many adventures,” said Taylor Pollan (12). Her story and others made them realize how lucky it is to have people like this support you and be a part of your life. How these memories have a special place in their hearts, never forgetting the love and support that is shown when that friendship is made.

As life goes on, friendships will continue to be found everywhere, and a popular way to meet new people is through clubs. Having clubs allows people to easily find other people who have the same interests as them. “I met a lot of friends through the clubs at TCC, that being a lot of different sports clubs,” said Mia Bragg (12). This community built in certain clubs has a very welcoming environment for everyone and anyone that joins, so the people feel comfortable around one another in order to get to know each other. This is a great way to meet new people who already have the same interests as you, making yet another friendship for the books.

Throughout a person’s life, many, many friendships are made and sprouted in a variety of ways. From school to church to work to just the outside world, there are so many opportunities to meet new people. Whether that’s a short-term friendship or a long-term friendship, a friend is made in that moment with memories that will last a lifetime. So meet new people, because that person might just be your best friend.