Teacher Spotlight – Mrs. Hupper

Teacher Spotlight - Mrs. Hupper

Mrs. Hupper, a current teacher at Gig Harbor High School since the 2013–2014 school year, teaches AP Seminar, English 11, and Honors 9 English. She got her teaching undergraduate degrees (English and Spanish) and her teaching certificate from WSU. She says, “I got my masters degree through WGU, and I have my National Board certification.”

At the beginning of Mrs. Hupper’s teaching career, she started as a teacher at South Whidbey High School from 2011–2012 as an English 11 and public speaking teacher. As well as being a teacher, she was a long-term sub in a middle school as a health and PE teacher. Additionally, she coached the middle school volleyball team and drove the van for girls’ golf that same year! When discussing her years from 2011 to 2012, Hupper says, “I was clearly willing to take any job I could get!” After this, she transferred to Gig Harbor High School and has been a teacher here ever since. 

Mrs. Hupper says, “My favorite part about teaching English is the conversations I get to have with my students. I enjoy helping them navigate problems that pop up with their writing and research processes, and I hope they walk away from those conversations empowered to take on complex problems and projects on their own. I also like when kids get excited about the books they’re reading!”

All in all, Mrs. Hupper is an amazing teacher! She has been a teacher for about 13 years! She works hard every day, teaching, grading, and being an amazing teacher, friend, and coach. Mrs. Hupper comes to school every day and helps students whenever they need help, someone to talk to, or basically anything. Maggie Maharry (10) says, “I love how helpful Mrs. Hupper is whenever I need anything!” She is encouraging in the classroom and helps when students need help. So for all that she does, thank you, Mrs. Hupper, for your hard work and dedication to teaching!