Seniors Approach the End of the Year

Information on the end of the school year for the class of 2024.
Seniors Approach the End of the Year

Gig Harbor High School has been buzzing with excitement in these final weeks of the school year. The school year ends on June 13 for seniors and June 21 for the freshman, sophomore, and juniors. As is typical this means that there are many exciting events in the upcoming weeks.

The festivities begin on Wednesday June fifth where the school will collect in the gym for our spring sports assembly. This assembly will include shout outs for the spring sports and their accomplishments as well as speeches from students and athletes. This spring sports season was extremely successful including state bids from girls softball, boys soccer, boys baseball, girls golf, boys golf. With all this it is certain there will be no shortage of success to talk about at this assembly.

Quickly following our spring sports assembly is the highly anticipated Prom. GHHS Prom will be held at the Washington State History Museum in Tacoma on Saturday June 8. The theme is Night at the Museum as voted on by the senior class. Gavin Mclellan (12) said “yeah, I’m super excited for prom, I feel like I’ve been waiting for this day all my life”. The leadership class and prom committee is trying to make Gavins dream a reality. Prom committee leader Tiffany Clack (11) said “we have been working tirelessly to make sure we are ready when the big day comes”. It won’t be easy for the committee however, Tiffany went on to say “it’s gonna be hard because we only have one hour between the closing of the museum and the start of prom so we need all hands on deck to set up in that short time”. As the countdown to prom begins it’s certain that there will be excitement brewing in the halls of GHHS.

After prom there will be two important concluding events: the senior farewell assembly and graduation. As mentioned earlier the seniors will have their last day on Thursday June 13 which will also be the date for the farewell assembly. The farewell assembly includes the department awards to seniors, the crowning of next year’s tide guys, the moving between the bleachers and many commencements for the seniors. At the end of the assembly the Seniors will go to the commons and partake in the tradition of throwing their papers and homework they have collected throughout their time in high school in the air. This will be their last time as a student before their graduation the following saturday. Graduation will be held at Cheney stadium in Tacoma. Quade Wyatt (12) said “I’m really looking forward to graduation as a culmination of my time at Gig Harbor as well as a look ahead to the rest of my life. Whether it be the events inside the halls of Gig Harbor or out it is certain that the culmination of the school year will be a time to remember.