Student Spotlight – Quade Wyatt

Student Spotlight - Quade Wyatt

Quade Wyatt (12) is the definition of a patriotic exemplary student, with a bright future ahead of him. He spent most of his high school career enjoying hanging out with friends and training for the Naval ROTC in college. Wyatt plans to become a naval flight officer when he finishes college. When asked why, Wyatt stated, “I want to do something that is bigger than myself.” Wyatt is known for being the school’s most friendly figure, having a bright smile and personality. He plans to attend Washington State University and wants to study communications and naval science. Wyatt wants to go to WSU because, “It seemed like a fun school and I love the state of Washington.” Wyatt was not originally from Washington. He moved from Thousand Oaks, California during elementary school. He instantly made many friends, touching the hearts of those around him. When asked about his move, he stated, “I was looking forward to new beginnings.” Wyatt was not just a friendly figure he also had that “dawg” in him, becoming a starter on the offensive line for the Tides football team. He was a core component in leading the team to ultimately beating Peninsula in the Fishbowl. He recalled “the surreal feeling of overcoming adversity.” This was due to the Tides going into the Fishbowl being the underdogs. He pushed himself everyday preparing for the big game working himself to the brink of tears. When the Tides earned that win over Peninsula he was more than happy. He was relieved knowing that this game had everything on the line and all his work paid off. All in all, Wyatt pushes himself to be the best he can be, knowing that one day he will be fighting for the land of the free, keeping us safe.