Senior Skip Day

Senior Skip Day

The school year is coming to an end for these students as they continue to push through and finish strong. Even more so for our Senior class who has had a school year packed with all different kinds of events. From football games, to school activities, to prom just around the corner, these students have had a busy year. So of course, they embarked on the traditional senior activity hitting pause for the day. The sunny weather was perfect for Senior Skip Day, a break from school to have some fun together before graduation.  

Many of these students gathered they’re friends to hangout and do what most teenagers do when the sun is out, go to the beach. The beach was buzzing with students from morning till afternoon as they spread out their beach towels, shared snacks, and enjoyed some sun. “We all met and got bagels from B’s Bagels then headed down to Bella Bella Beach to basically have a picnic,” said Kaylie Holt. The bagels were bought with a variety of spreads including pesto, cream cheese or even some avocado, drinks were packed and all headed to the beach for a relaxing day with a bagel sandwich on the side. The vibe was laid-back with music playing and the sound of the waves in the background. Students were relaxing together having a very worry-free day. 

The beach wasn’t the only activity these students were doing, but some decided to start off with a brunch at a local spot in Gig Harbor, Devoted Kiss. Of course the cafe was filled with the smell of coffee and bacon as some of these students sat and talked with one another. “I got brunch with my friends and just spent my morning hanging out with the people closest to me,” said Lilli Romig. It was the perfect morning for these students as they savor both these moments together and the breakfast they ate together. As the day went on, so did the numerous hangouts these students shared with one another before the final two main events during senior year. 

Circling back to the beach, it was a very popular hangout for a lot of the students. The sun was bright and beaming, perfect for some early summer fun. “We all walked down the strip of Bella Bella Beach and sat at the very end and pretty much just laid in the sun and relaxed together,” said Mya Dorsey. Some played frise and others just chilled, talking and laughing with friends. Even though the sun was out, the water was still a little too cold to swim, but that didn’t stop these students making the most out of their day. 

While Senior Skip Day may not be marked on an official calendar, it’s a day every student participates every school year creating those memories with friends. As the sun sets on the beach, the seniors of 2024 are one step closer to finishing out high school once and for all.