Teacher Spotlight – Ms. Yeaman

Teacher Spotlight - Ms. Yeaman

In the heart of the small town in Gig Harbor creativity thrives within the halls of Gig Harbor High School, thanks to the dedicated and passionate efforts of art teacher Ms.Yeaman. With her passion for the arts and commitment to developing young art talents, Ms. Yeaman has become not only a teacher but also a cherished member of the community with her commitment in helping students and families, earning her the title as Miss.Gig Harbor.
Ms. Yeaman’s journey into the art world began with her own extreme love for expression through art.
Held with her masters in teaching secondary education, national board certified, minor in art history and bachelor of art in mixed media her desire to share her passion with others, she decided to embark on a mission to create a spark of creativity in the minds of her students. For 21 years teaching and 11 years teaching at Gig Harbor High School she has been an key part of the Gig Harbor High School staff, shaping the artistic creativity, inspiring countless young individuals along the way and being a voice for students.
At Gig Harbor High School, Ms.Yeaman plays many roles, from teaching a variety of different art classes such as ceramics, drawing, and introduction to creative art as well as advanced courses. Her classroom is a place where students are encouraged to explore their imaginations, use their skills, and show their artistic potential.
Whether creating clay into different sculptures or creating designs onto paper with water color, Ms. Yeaman creates an environment of exploration and self-discovery, allowing her students to express themselves freely and creativity. Not only is she a teacher at Gig Harbor High School, but she is the diving coach for both girls and boys swim, and runs many different clubs which include Black Student Union (BSU) and interact club. .
But Ms.Yeaman’s impact goes far beyond the classroom. As Miss.Gig Harbor, she is a key part in our local community, actively involved in various resources and events aimed at promoting helping our local students. With her motto being breaking barriers: education for all.
Her main focus as Miss. Gig Harbor is suicide prevention effort with local coalitions, supporting teens facing home displacement and trauma through communities in schools. One of her key initiatives is addressing food inequality by partnering with stakeholders. When asked how this is going she stated “I have developed a sustainable curriculum and training system to create food pantries throughout our community and beyond. If successful, this will benefit the 9,000 students in the Peninsula School District. I believe one person can make a difference, and I am committed to using my influence for the greater good.”

One of Ms.Yeaman’s most big contributions to the Gig Harbor High School community is her lead in organizing the annual Gig Harbor High School Tides Fest held at the high school during the first weekend of December. As a passionate advocate for the arts and our community, she believes in the power of creativity to unite and inspire, and Tides Fest serves as a platform for local artists to showcase their work and connect with the wider community. Under her guidance, the festival has grown into a popular event, drawing visitors from afar and wide and shining a spotlight on the vibrant arts scene of Gig Harbor.
Beyond her professional achievements, Ms.Yeaman is beloved by her students for her steady support, genuine care and passion.
She is not only a teacher but also a mentor and a friend, always ready to lend a listening ear or offer words of encouragement. Her genuine passion for art and dedication to her students leave a lasting impression, instilling in them a lifelong love for creativity and a belief in their own potential. Students were asked what there favorite part about Ms.Yeaman was and Hailey Gray stated “shes the most inspiring and creative teacher and i have ever had the pleasure of having throughout my high school career and I will miss her dearly.” Amber Nelson agreed stating “her positive attitude and her genuine care she has for her kids has stuck out to me.”
In conclusion, Ms.
Yeaman’s influence at Gig Harbor High School and within the Gig Harbor community is heartfelt and we couldn’t thrive this well without her. Through her extreme passion for the arts and dedication to being her students voice, she has created an environment where creativity grows and young artists thrive. Her many different role extends beyond teaching art classes; she is a coach, club advisor, and community advocate, deeply committed to supporting students’ well-being and success. Ms. Yeaman’s contributions, such as organizing the annual Tides Fest and partnering with places like food pantries and suicide prevention efforts, highlight her commitment to making a positive impact. Her legacy is not only evident in the beautiful crafted artworks her students create but also in the lives she has touched and the inspiration she has sparked. As Ms. Yeaman continues to inspire and uplift those around her, she remains a cherished and key part of the Gig Harbor High School community and we give thanks to her for all she does for us.