Procrastination is about dealing with tasks at last minutes rather than completing it “NOW!”

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Procrastination is about dealing with tasks at last minutes rather than completing it “NOW!” Photo Credit:

There are many issues revolving around teenagers. Maybe they have to complete a project in one week, but then they decide to put it off until the night before. They are probably trying to complete three assignments in less than one hour before their next period begins. In fact, the author writing this article might be struggling to come up with points to talk about in this topic and is trying to finish two periods before it is due. This, ladies and gentlemen, is known as procrastination.

Almost every person is familiar with this word, and one of the most common reasons might be that they have once been procrastinators or they continue battling that act that has now become a habit. Procrastination is not only about putting off any work for another day, but also struggling to get into a habit of using every single minute you have to get as many things completed as possibles. Teenagers are the most common procrastinators, and the reason for that is because they are facing new life experiences. Of course they are not the only group of people who procrastinate, because believe it or not adults also procrastinate. It’s not homework that they procrastinate on, but rather simple house tasks such as doing the laundry, cleaning the dishes, organizing the living room, cleaning the kitchen, and so on.

The real concern above all is not the tasks that need to be completed, but rather the time that we have left before it is the due date, unless it’s the dishes you have not washed yet but you can put it off until next week. From the wise words of actor Sylvester Stallone, “Time is truly the great enemy. It’s not the great healer, it’s the great stealer.” But is time truly the enemy, or is it just us that portrays is as the enemy? People have many reasons to blame time, most commonly there is so little time to complete all the tasks that you would like to get completed. Procrastination is the one to blame for the lack of time, even though teenagers blame them self or others for it, which brings up another topic. Procrastination is bad for teenagers for obvious reasons, but it also harms them emotionally. Think about it; every time you cannot complete what you want to finish, you become very frustrated, which then leads to stress, and in rare cases depression. If procrastination becomes a habit, one would constantly be getting stress. Constant stress could lead up to worse problems related to depression such as loss of appetite, lack of sleep, lack of concentration, and perhaps lack of social skills.

To stop this bad habit, you need to begin by shutting down any sort of distractions, such as your phone, television, or even music. Choose the best place in your house where there is little to no noise and is comfortable for you. Use all your available resources to create a planner and start writing down any tasks you need to complete by the end of the week, or set yourself a goal in which you want to complete the task. Punishment is a harsh thing to do to yourself, so it is better to give yourself a little motivation by rewarding yourself with every tasks completed. Even if you don’t complete it, talk to yourself about the things you need to improve on. And finally, make sure to take a few breaks once in a while so you don’t stress out.