Dream College


Having goals is important. So is having dreams. Even if you’re not too close to college yet, you should still have a goal. The goal may change over time, but it’s important to have somewhere to aim. If you don’t want to go to college, you’re goals may be different, but you should still have them. It’s good to aim very high, but also have many realistic back up plans in case it doesn’t work out. When seeing what kind of college you’re interested in, you can’t look for just one thing. You have to be aware of many things like where the college is located, what you want to do and what degree programs they offer, the size, the cost, and if you want to play any sports, what their athletic program looks like. Natalie Flick only recently discovered her dream college. “I found my dream college by looking at schools that had great programs for what I want to be, and it was located in a great place.” she says. When you find your dream college or colleges (of course it’s ok to have more than one.) You should also look at realistic back-up plans. It’s ok if your dream college doesn’t work out. There are plenty of colleges in the world that would be great for you. It’s easier to have a dream college as early as possible, and maybe changing it on the way. If you have a dream college that you know you could get into, you better work hard to achieve your goal. Lydia Ward says that her dream college is in Texas, because she “loves Texas and their volleyball teams are really good. Their campuses are also very nice.” So if you have a dream college, great! I hope you achieve your goal but always have great back-up plans! Unless you don’t plan on going to college, if you don’t have a dream college yet, I recommend finding one!