Team Building Tuesdays


What is team building Tuesday? Every Tuesday in Mrs. Allen’s class, we as a class would work as a team to help each other and build trust. These were fun activities that sometimes involved candy! For example, one Tuesday we got into a random group and one person was blindfolded. From there the rest of the team helped the person who was blindfolded to build a puzzle, a kids puzzle. But the people who weren’t blindfolded couldn’t touch the pieces. In my group Hailey Gray (10) was blindfolded, she said, “This was a really cool activity. It was kind of stressful having multiple people telling me what to do but eventually, we worked out a system.” Although it may have been one of the harder team-building Tuesdays, it was certainly one to remember. The first team building Tuesday was an important one. Each week we try to get a lesson out of the activity. In the first one, we filled a trash bag with balloons and tried as a team to keep it in the air. Easy. Well, easy until we added a water balloon. This made the bag fall immediately. What did this represent? When everyone is doing their part it’s easy to keep going or in this case make the yearbook, but when even just 1 person doesn’t do their job, they become the water balloon and take the whole team with them. I love the meaning and time Mrs. Allen puts into these and sometimes money. It’s very fun and effective. A fun one we did was we got to decorate a pumpkin, my friends and I had fun drawing each other on the pumpkin while eating chips. It’s always a chill time during team building Tuesday and Morgan Weaver (9) even said, “I wish all my classes did team building Tuesday, they’re my favorite! Sometimes we do things like this in soccer which is why we are all so close!” I have really enjoyed team-building Tuesday and I’m happy Mrs. Allen had them this year!