Gig Harbor’s Production of ‘The Addams Family’ showcases talent


Tanner Lear

Main cast of ‘The Addams Family’ poses together at the beginning of the musical. (From left to right: Morgan Smith, Hailey Hodgson, A.J. Mehal, Bill Delahoussaye, Haley Hauser, Spencer Fields, and Jackson Floyd.

The Addams Family musical, put on by students at GHHS, had its last show on Saturday, March 19. With lovely songs, amazing performers, and stunning sets, it was performed seven times with a full house each night.

The Addams Family as many people know follows the macabre yet loving family of the Addams. As a musical, the play focused on Wednesday Addams’ secret: She’s fallen in love with a boy from a “normal” family, a boy her own macabre family has never met. She tells her father, Gomez, and makes him promise to not tell his wife, Morticia. Gomez and Morticia never keep any secrets from each other, so Morticia suspects that something is going on when Gomez acts weird around her when Wednesday is mentioned.

Wednesday’s boyfriend and his family are invited to the Addams’ house for dinner, and when Morticia insists on playing the “Game,” an Addams Family tradition in which everyone at the table has to confess something, things begin to unravel.

Ranging from breakout freshmen to the experience of the upperclassmen, the musical cast impressed and elated the audience. As it is known that The Addams Family is comprised of distinct characters often that are difficult to portray, the production brought notable performances including senior Bill Delahoussaye’s spot-on performance as Gomez Addams and freshman Haley Hauser’s role as Morticia Addams.

Delahoussaye commented on his experience on the production. “The Addams Family musical was one of the greatest experiences of my life to be quite honest. The props, the sets, the cast, the crew, they all really meant a lot to me. While performing on stage never did I not enjoy becoming Gomez and putting on a show for the largest audience I’ve ever performed for night after night. Even when things were tough and mishaps happened, there was still plenty to enjoy. And without a doubt one of the best parts of the production was making a lot of new friends and making memories with them along the way, whether it was backstage, making props and sets, or performing on stage. I loved this show.”

Senior Cayla Berejikian also impressed with her portrayal as Alice Beineke. She also commented on her experience developing the musical. “I love that theater allows us to focus on ideas and problems larger than our own. This group is so special to me because I saw them pour their hearts into the show. They are the ones who gave it life and made the story important. And they made senior year phenomenal, for which I am grateful.”