French Teacher Madame Snider


Madame Snider is the adult adviser for French Club, and is the only French teacher at GHHS. Photo taken by Anna Schumaker

Madame Snider loves teaching her students about French culture and language at GHHS. She couldn’t ever imagine having any other job. Ironically, her love for French culture started in high school. When asked how she came to fall in love with French, she said it was from a French teacher she had in high school that she really admired. She had liked the sound of French compared to most languages. She also stated, “I always really liked English and languages in general. I think that’s probably why I kept with it for so long.”

She pursued French and creative writing as a double major in college, but then focused on French instead. “I was finishing up my doctorate at the University of Washington, in French Literature, when this post came up in the middle of the year. The previous teacher had a family emergency and had needed to leave. I was like ‘I’ll try it’, and I got the job,” Madame Snider explained, as she told the story of how became a French teacher in the first place. After she started teaching she once again in love with French, but in a different way. She then became passionate in teaching the language and culture of French to high schoolers.

She has always had a strong connection with her students. Snider has some knowledge of the history of France, in medieval times, and enjoys to occasionally share interesting facts in her classes. Her favorite subject to teach is the food unit, because she felt like “everyone can relate to it.” Madame Snider is the adult adviser for French Club, is the only French teacher at GHHS, and has been teaching at GHHS for four years now.