Tide Time’s new schedule

Tide Times new schedule

Tide Time has been an essential part of Gig Harbor High School culture for the past two years. It has taken place after second period before third for the entirety of its existence. This routine will be shattered next week when Tide Time will be switched to another day. You heard it right, Tide Time will be changing. Tide Time will be switching to once a week every Wednesday for one hour instead of the normal twice a week for thirty minutes. ┬áColin Nelson (9). said “Tide Time is something I continue to look forward to every week, I don’t know how the new schedule will affect me and my enjoyment but I’m excited to try out the new system.” I agree with Colin that Tide Time is something to look forward to. It’s a great time to finish homework, hang out, and talk with friends. The new Tide Time will completely change how our school functions. Next week the Tuesday and Thursday schedule will look like the current Monday-Friday schedule. This means that each class is fifty five minutes except on Wednesdays. The new Tide Time will cause Wednesday classes to be only thirty five minutes. I think with only thirty five minutes in class on Wednesday I think that teachers will struggle to find lesson plans for such short classes. Tyler Wagoner (9). said “I think that the new tide time schedule will take a lot of getting used to… Wednesday’s will be interesting”. One hour of Tide Time is going to change how it works greatly. It has been mostly a time to catch up on school news which has filled up the previous thirty minutes. Teachers will have to find out what to do with the extra time we now have. Overall I think that the new schedule will be hard to adjust to but will eventually be good for the school.