Girls Basketball Star Brynna Maxwell


Girls Basketball star senior Brynna Maxewell shoots a freethrow from the line. Photo taken by Tatum Benson

With sixteen years of experience and a State Championship title under her belt, it’s no question why she is easily one of the top senior basketball players in the state. So how can someone be so dedicated to something for so long when the road to success is one so difficult to walk? Brynna says, “The love of the game inspires me to play. God gave me a gift for basketball and I get so much joy out of it.” Although, it wasn’t always easy and there were challenges she had to face along the way. For example, last summer Brynna suffered a knee injury. For some, the event might have been enough to just call it quits. Instead, she used the situation to better herself; during her recovery, not only did she challenge herself physically, but also mentally. This made her all around a stronger person who is ready to take on the next step.  

That next step being college. Brynna will be playing for Utah University next year. As she anticipates next year she says she is most excited for “Meeting her new teammates and playing basketball at a different level.” But if we want to know anything more about the future plans for Brynna Maxwell we will just have to wait and see. She says “I don’t really look that far into the future because I like to focus on the present but I hope that my team next year will be as fun and memorable as the team I’ve been blessed with this year.” So whatever does come next, we all know it’s going to be good.