Joining Newspaper


I encourage you to join newspaper. I just recently switched out of yearbook to be in newspaper, and it is great! It is a good way to write out your opinions on a subject so other people can read them. You only have to write one article a week, and it does not have to be an opinion. You could write about a cool experience that happened to you lately, and maybe other people can relate. Or you could write news, about something that is maybe happening around the world or at the school. There are many options, really. When Natalie Flick and I first joined the publications class, she chose to write newspaper right away. “I knew I would like newspaper,” she said. “It’s more independent and you get to write about stuff you are passionate about.” Newspaper isn’t like yearbook where your priority is to gather quotes and pictures from the students at school, but those things are involved. You have to get at least a few quotes for your articles, and a picture. That is what’s nice. There’s a perfect amount of writing, and collecting information. Everyone is super nice, and the teacher is great!

If you don’t care for writing newspaper too much, there is another reason to join. Jackson Smith said, “I have really been enjoying newspaper. It’s especially great for seniors, because it counts as a senior English credit.” So if you think you’re in trouble when it comes to that stuff, newspaper is a fun way to solve your problems. The class isn’t just for seniors. It’s for any grade, willing to have fun, and get a few credits.

I think the hardest thing about newspaper is number one, thinking of what to write about. If there isn’t any special news, that is one of the difficult things about newspaper. Number two, getting quotes from other students can be difficult. I’m sure it will be much easier once we all go back to school, but writing newspaper online is hard, because you usually have to ask people for quotes over the phone, as in texting or something. Newspaper is very fun though, and if you feel like you want to write about things going on or things you like, I encourage you to join newspaper.